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What We Do Customised solutions to fit you unique situation

Kemtec Mineral Processing Pty Ltd is the newest specialty flotation reagent supplier in Australia supplying quality products to tackle your plant challenges. We understand that there is more to it than supplying reagents alone. Our product range has been developed based on flotation cell hydrodynamic technology. Our approach begins with the strict adherence to a methodology that incorporates Six Sigma principles for defining and solving plant problems. We bring the best in experienced people, who combine the knowledge of the attributes of mining reagents with the know-how to best apply them in the operation of a flotation concentrator. This expertise enables us to assist in determining the true problem and how to best use chemistry to get to a solution. We then use the right amount of well-designed laboratory tests to gain empirical knowledge on the relationships between reagents, circuit conditions and operating parameters on flotation performance. The majority of the effort will then focus on the actual plant, using sound, statistically based testing (and good old fashioned metallurgical art) to understand the true causes and effects that changes in reagents, conditions, and operations have on the mineral flotation rates. Only when these effects are understood, can changes be incorporated that will have the true effect of improving the long term performance of the mill. History has shown that every mine is unique and that an individualized metallurgical solution may be what is needed to perform at optimal levels. Without a complete understanding of the total system, and the ability to provide custom formulated products, valid and lasting improvements are rare. As part of your integrated team, Kemtec is committed to work with our customers to deliver long term measurable process improvements through smarter flotation reagent selection, application of state of the art flotation technology and continued training on the industry’s best practice.

  • Emergency Response Service 24/7

    In case of emergency with any of our products please call Chemical Safety International on Ph: 1800 638 556

  • Global Network

    Kemtec is part of a global network of chemical companies spanning 6 countries.

  • Training

    Kemtec is committed to training its customers, metallurgists and operators to understand the chemical processes and other influencing factors to achieve optimum recoveries.

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