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Kemtec is a 50/50 joint venture between Flottec and Sinoz. Sinoz delivers quality chemical reagent products in a safe, reliable and timely manner to the mining industry throughout the world. We operate according to the principles of responsible care and stewardship, ensuring our quality and safety record is unparalleled.

Services include product sourcing of complimentary reagents, supplier auditing, logistics, export re-packaging and after sales service for a broad range of commodity chemicals.

With strong supplier relationships, Sinoz has developed significant knowledge of the performance of our reagent products in a wide range of operating conditions in the metalliferous mining industry. Consequently, we are in a strong position to provide a high level of technical advice and service to our customers.

Sinoz has longstanding shipping agreements (C of A’s) with all of the major shipping companies into our destination ports ensuring safe and timely shipments of our DG cargos.

As part of our commitment to responsible stewardship, Sinoz manages port movement, shipping documentation, customs, AQIS and warehouse management with a focus on ensuring a safe and reliable product delivery.

Sinoz shipping agreements ensure the safe transport of chemicals and uses hazmat-endorsed truck fleets for safe and reliable delivery.

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