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Mission Statement

  • a. Process optimization for extraction of base metals
  • b. Customised reagent suite to suit customers’ unique mineralization
  • c. Utilising the unique collector and frother family production from Sinoz and Flottec
  • d. Utilising latest hydrometallurgical and process kinetics to improve recoveries through froth control


Because ultimately business is about people – our customers, suppliers, partners, employees and all others we affect, we embrace the golden rule as our highest value. Trust, honesty, integrity and respect will be critical elements of our success and approach to business.

Developing and applying new technologies, providing solutions, manufacturing and delivering quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations better than anyone else, demands excellence in all we do. From our passion for innovative technology to our business processes, from the capabilities of our individuals to the teamwork with our partners, we will strive to be the best and to get better every day. We also understand that excellence in itself is the result of hard work, commitment, leadership and perseverance.

Cost Effectiveness
We understand the value of money and how to use it cost effectively. Money poorly spent means higher prices or lower profits. Spending the right amount at the right time on the right things will ensure we provide maximum value at a highly competitive cost to our customers, while generating the profit to sustain our vision and mission.

Mining Industry
We are proud to be part of the great Mining Industry and pledge to do what is required to uphold its highest standards. We will work to improve safety and protect the environment and to conduct business with the highest ethics. And, we will dedicate ourselves to the development of innovative flotation technology and its practical application to solve the ever demanding problems faced by our customers.

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