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Product Range

  • a. Has direct access to the largest collector manufacturer in the world, Qixia Tongda Flotation Company.
  • b. Has the world’s largest capacity for the following collector families:
    • i. Xanthates
    • ii. Dithiophosphates
    • iii. Thionocarbamates
    • iv. MBT

Kemtec has a wide range of collectors that can provide a high level of selectivity and metal recovery for both sulphide and industrial mineral applications. Each of the following basic product family has a variety of derivatives to accommodate the needs of each particular ore. In most cases, custom formulations of these basic chemistries are developed to meet the individual needs of the mill.

With manufacturing facilities in Asia and USA, Kemtec ensures security of supply of product for our customers and plays a key contribution. Our Chinese manufacturing facility is certified ISO 9001 2008 compliant.

  • c. Has direct access to the Flottec complete range of frothers:
    • i. Volatiles, from weak through to strong frothers
    • ii. Non-volatiles, from weak through to strong frothers

The main purpose of frothers in froth flotation is to cost effectively reduce bubble size and stabilise the mineral laden bubble just long enough to remove it from the flotation cell with minimal detrimental effects on operability and grade/recovery performance. Through collaboration work at McGill University and Flottec; characterisation of an individual frother products can be defined using hydrodynamic properties. Therefore reducing the guess work required when choosing the right product for your plant.

Depending on your application our product range can be divided into two different series: Alcohol based products or glycol and glycol ester based products.

Generally alcohol based products (such as F120-F140 series) are preferred when fast kinetics, maximum operator flexibility, minimal downstream effects and selectivity are major factors. They produce very dry froths and stay with the mineral phase after separation thus eliminating any recirculation problems. They are excellent choices for the flotation of naturally hydrophobic materials such as talc and coal. Alcohol based frothers are also preferred when the pH is such that flocculation does not occur and concentrates are slow draining or when the collector used contributes to excess frothing, or when slimy ores contribute to stabilising the froth.

Glycol and glycol ethers based products (such as F150 and 160 series) are preferred when ease of feeding, load support of heavy coarse minerals, operation of large cells and recovery are the major factors. They produce wet froths and tend to stay in aqueous phase which will lower the overall dosage requirements and cost as the frother is recirculated. They are good choices when achieving a froth is difficult (such as in flotation in sea water), when floating coarse grinding materials at high alkalinities and when using large cells where a more persistent froth is needed.

The use of blends of alcohol and glycol based products (such as F170-F190 series) are growing in popularity as it offers the best opportunity of obtaining the optimum froth for the circuit, especially for balancing the needs between good metallurgical performance, operating ease and cost. The application of hydrodynamic technology, a tailored product can be developed for any operation. Kemtec representatives are available to assist to help your operation to uncover opportunities for plant improvements, defining the benefit of any new opportunity and to advice on proper specialty frother and collector selection.

  • d. Activators and Depressants

Activators and depressants are sourced and supplied through Kemtec’s parent company, Sinoz. Sinoz is a well-established producer and supplier of quality products to the mining industry. In conjunction with Kemtec’s application expertise, the partnership can provide a differentiated offer to provide a personalised reagent suite direct from the manufacturer.

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